Prof. Mária Lukácová-Medvidová

Mária Lukácová-Medvidová is a well‐known expert in numerics and analysis of partial differential, in mathematical modelling and scientific computing. Problems that she studies arise from fluid mechanics, statistical physics, geophysics, meteorology, engineering and medicine. She deals with hyperbolic conservation laws, which are fundamental for most of physical, biological and mechanical processes. Lukácová-Medvidová made important contributions to the development of genuinely multidimensional, asymptotic preserving and well‐balanced finite volume and discontinuous Galerkin methods for hyperbolic conservation laws. Her further interests concern development of structure preserving schemes for complex multiscale problems and study of fluid‐structure interaction problems for non‐Newtonian fluids, in particular those arising in hemodynamics and soft matter systems.

Mária Lukácová-Medvidová is a member of the steering committee of the Mainz Institute of Multiscale Modeling (M3ODEL), vice speaker of the collaborative research center "Multiscale Simulation Methods for Soft Matter Systems", and researcher at the collaborative research center "Waves to Weather". All of these research centers profit considerably from her expertise in mathematical modelling and numerical simulations of complex fluid flows that arise in the multiscale systems investigated. Her main aim is to apply well-established mathematical and computational techniques and to generalize and extend them to particular models arising in atmospheric science, geophysics and statistical physics in order to answer challenging scientific questions.