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GUSAC – Gutenberg Sound Art Academy 2019

International sound art summer school in Mainz by GRC fellow Peter Kiefer, with Bernhard Leitner (Vienna) and Miya Masaoka (New York) ...

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz enhances its research profile

Research Initiative of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate will fund leading-edge research areas to ensure national and international competitiveness – GRC executive committee advised university management board on the selection ...

Research into the sustainable use of lignin as a basis for chemicals receives further funding

GRC member Siegfried Waldvogel coordinates an EU project with an industrial consortium to convert waste materials into sustainable chemicals (press release in German) ...

GRC member Jairo Sinova publishes new findings on the locomotion of spins

Spins in polymers do not only move with electrons, but above all via vibrations of the polymer chains (press release in German) ...

Dental microwear provides clues to dietary habits of lepidosauria

GRC member Thomas Tütken discovers that microscopic images enable differentiation between carnivores and herbivores / Possibly an important step towards the discovery of the first herbivorous terrestrial vertebrates ...

Exhibition "Bringing the Past to Light"

Interdisciplinary exhibition by GRC members Frank Maas (nuclear physics) and Doris Prechel (cuneiform science) at the Helmholtz-Institut Mainz. Vernissage on June 4, 2019, at 6 pm (flyer for download) ...

The effects of the Internet on learning in higher education

Interdisciplinary research project headed by GRC fellow Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia receives support from the Rhine-Main Universities Initiative Funding for Research ...

Four new members in the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz

GRC fellow Peter Kiefer becomes a full member of the Class of Literature and Music (web page in German) ...

Driving chemical reactions with light

Chemical nature of surface molecules influences plasmon responses of metal nanoparticles – publication by former GRC fellow Carsten Sönnichsen ...

Mainz University welcomes leading researchers and bestows the 2019 Gutenberg Research Award

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Annual celebration of the Gutenberg Research College / Public lectures by Corine Defrance in Mainz ...

2019 Gutenberg Research Award for Corine Defrance

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Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz honors outstanding French historian ...

GRC-Class for Fine Arts established

At the Mainz Academy of Fine Arts, GRC fellow Parastou Forouhar will launch a new class in the 2019 summer term (web page in German) ...

Old age care crisis in Germany: Are migrant care workers a suitable solution for state and families?

Completion of a three-year research Project by GRC fellow Cornelia Schweppe comparing long-term care of the elderly in Germany and the Netherlands / International conference on the long-term care crisis ...

GRC fellow Victor Flambaum analyzes the rotational dynamics of galaxies and the influence of the mass of the photon

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Could the effect of photon mass on the gaseous components in galaxies be as strong as that of dark matter? ...

Highest endowed German research award brings world-class biologist to Mainz University


Article on GRC fellow Peter Baumann in the JGU MAGAZINE ...

"We need to get out of our comfort zone"


Article on former GRC fellow Jairo Sinova in the JGU MAGAZINE ...

Understanding the Hebrew Bible – from the great narratives to literary-stylistic metatheses

Three new books by GRC fellow Isaac Kalimi are devoted to representations and interpretations of the Hebrew Bible (press release in German) ...

Plant phytolith and water content influence rate of tooth enamel abrasion in vertebrates

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Research project by GRC member Thomas Tütken makes it possible to reconstruct the feeding behavior and habitats of extinct vertebrates ...