News of 2017

Former GRC fellow Detlef Schuppan participates in international research group with focus on the non-alcoholic fatty liver

European Innovative Medicines Initiative supports the development of new methods to recognize liver diseases with EUR 34 million (press release in German) ...

Successful application by DFG Research Training Group "Early Concepts of Man and Nature"

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GRC members Doris Prechel and Ursula Verhoeven-van Elsbergen and their colleagues continue research cooperation and doctoral programme (press release in German) ...

Edward Lemke joins IMB as Adjunct Director

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GRC fellow starts his research at the Institute of Molecular Biology ...

Discovery of new classes of substances

GRC member Siegfried Waldvogel and his research group develop a new strategy of synthesis to overcome the problem of electrochemical polymer formation (press release in German) ...

New GRC fellowship "Zielgerade"

Support for distinguished researchers in the final phase of major research projects (press release in German) ...

Scientists develop electro-organic synthesis that allows sustainable and green production of fine chemicals

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GRC member Siegfried Waldvogel and his team publish an innovative contribution to the energy transition ...

Good start into the German Excellence Strategy competition: JGU to submit full proposal for its PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence

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International expert committee approves the PRISMA+ proposal for the final round of the nationwide competition ...

GRC fellow Klaus Müllen elected as member of the Academia Europaea

Chemist becomes member of the Class of Exact Sciences of the renowned academy ...

Secondary structure formation enables morphology control

Gutenberg Research Awardee Kazunori Kataoka and JGU chemists analyze multifunctional nano-sized drug carriers ...

"Positive Learning in the Age of Information (PLATO) – A blessing or a curse?"

Special issue being published in context of the newly established international research program PLATO led by GRC fellow Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia ...

Two new fellows of the Gutenberg Research College start work in Mainz

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Volcanologist Donald Dingwell and Kant researcher Eric Watkins are among the worldwide leading experts in their fields ...

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz focuses on top-level research areas

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Core research areas will receive a total of EUR 8.5 million annually through the Rhineland-Palatinate Research Initiative ...

Former GRC fellow Detlef Schuppan searches for new therapies against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

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Joint research initiative by Mainz University Medical Center, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and Goethe University Frankfurt (press release in German) ...

GRC Fellow Silvia Hansen-Schirra elected as Vice President of the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS)

World-wide forum designed to enable scholars from different regional and disciplinary backgrounds to debate issues pertinent to translation and other forms of intercultural communication ...

"Kant Day" to welcome GRC Fellow Eric Watkins

Public event hosted by the Department of Philosophy at JGU (web page in German) ...

28.06.2017 - 30.06.2017
"PLATO – Positive Learning in the Age of Information"

Newly established international research program related to the phenomenon of negative learning in the digital age and led by GRC fellow Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia starts with international conference ...

Hamburg Science Award 2017 goes to GRC fellow Klaus Müllen

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Klaus Müllen and Xinliang Feng have been awarded the Hamburg Science Award 2017, which this year was dedicated to the subject of energy efficiency. The Academy of Sciences and Humanities thus honours the two chemists' research in the field of graphene research (press release in German) ...

2017 Gutenberg Research Award for Karin Knorr Cetina

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Sociologist and anthropologist from the University of Chicago receives award for her pioneering interdisciplinary research ...

Gutenberg Research College welcomes new fellows and presents the 2017 Gutenberg Research Award

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Mainz University excellence center for the promotion of cutting-edge research celebrates its tenth anniversary ...

Philosophy and Predictive Processing: online open access collection of publications on the mind, brain, and consciousness

GRC fellow Thomas Metzinger and MIND Group continue their pioneering work in the autonomous publication of academic articles ...

Light particles can collide with each other

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80 years after the original prediction, the ATLAS experiment at CERN proves the interdependency of photons during a collision – GRC fellow Matthias Schott involved (press release in German) ...

Plain language on the test

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GRC fellow Silvia Hansen-Schirra investigates benefits of plain German for mentally challenged persons, foreigners and elderly people (press release in German) ...

GRC fellow Johannes Henn receives ERC Consolidator Grant

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EU funding for the development of new methods of calculation in theoretical physics (press release in German) ...