Prof. Panagiotis Agapitos

Panagiotis Agapitos is Professor of Byzantine Literature and Culture at the University of Cyprus. As a GRC fellow, he will pursue his research at the History Department at JGU and collaborate with his colleagues in the department of Byzantine Studies, at the Leibniz ScienceCampus "Byzantium between Orient and Occident" and at the Research Training Group "Byzantium and the Euro-Mediterranean Cultures of War".

He has contributed substantially to the academic progress of Byzantine Studies worldwide by developing the field at the University of Cyprus and by teaching at established international universities (Harvard, Berlin, Paris, Stanford). He is widely known for introducing modern literary theory to interpret Medieval Greek texts. His monograph on Late Byzantine vernacular romances, as well as several of his essays on narratology and genre theory, pioneered the introduction of new methods into the study of Byzantine literature. As a GRC at JGU, he will build upon his recent research on periodization and methodology of writing a postmodern literary history,and prepare the publication of a "A Narrative History of Byzantine Literature, AD 1050-1500".