GRC Fellowship

GRC fellowships offer first class research conditions to excellent researchers. They can be granted as external GRC fellowships in order to bring researchers and artists to Mainz. They also can be used as internal GRC fellowships to support outstanding members of Johannes Gutenberg University. Furthermore, the faculties and institutes of JGU may present their own arrangements for the fellowships and discuss it with the GRC director in order to design the fellowships in the way most useful for both the fellow and JGU and its faculties.

The GRC fellowships are generously endowed. Funds for academic personnel as well as for material expenses are available. Furthermore, the GRC fellows, to a large extent, are released from teaching obligations. The GRC fellows are expected to offer their expertise to young academics – for example with Research Training Groups or the Gutenberg Academy. To compensate for the teaching load in the subject area from which the fellow has been called, the department receives financial means to secure a replacement professor. A GRC fellowship is limited to a maximum of 5 years. The granting of an external GRC fellowship is usually connected with a permanent position in the department receiving the fellow after the completion of the fellowship.