Welcome to the Gutenberg Research College (GRC)

Prof. Siegfried Waldvogel, Director of the GRC

The Gutenberg Research College (GRC), established in 2007, serves as a central strategic instrument to promote cutting-edge research at JGU. The GRC runs an annual budget of €2 million, provided in equal parts by the State and by JGU. Its executive committee is made up of outstanding researchers from JGU and its partner research institutions. Committee members are appointed by the University President with the agreement of the University Senate based on their research achievements. The GRC has two functions: It advises the President and the Senate in strategic matters concerning research and furthers individual excellence by awarding fellowships to excellent researchers and artists.

GRC fellows may be exempted from their teaching and administrative duties for up to five years, giving more time for research and providing better research conditions. This program is not restricted to the core research areas. But it has proven to be very successful in providing targeted support for them as well and doing so with strategic significance toward the advancement of the competitiveness of the University in the search for world-class academics.